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    We are an online portal for all things holistic wellness: Body, Mind & Music.

    What We Do

    • Match holistic wellness practitioners and educators with clients;
    • Develop and sell holistic wellness merchandise and educational materials online;
    • Promote music talents and musical education as the harmonising force for good in the world.

    Our Story

    Vocalogy started life as a singing studio. We started researching and integrating wellness practices into our singing teaching when we realised that conventional singing teaching was just not holistic enough to encompass the immense emotional, mental and physical endeavour that was the Performing Arts.

    We’ve taken our understanding of holistic body-mind practices and made them into our way of living. Conscious living, gratitude, self-care, good sportsmanship, care for the others and the environment are very much part of our studio ethos.

    We’ve expanded the Vocalogy family to include other holistic wellness professionals as well as a store where you can purchase daily reminders for conscious living.

    Welcome to Vocalogy

    Our Values
    • Everyone is evolving. Be better

    • You are enough.Just be

    • We are our only limitation.

    ‘Vocalogy’ means the ‘study of Voice’. Our logo is the lotus, symbolising clarity arising from the mud of delusion. Water glides off the lotus flower, a metaphor for non-attachment to concepts and knowledge. It has 7 petals, representing the Flower of Being.

    The petals represent: CHOICE, DIRECTION, ORDER, PRIORITIES, HARMONY, SYNERGY & CREATION. The green of the logo represents growth. Green is the color of the heart chakra- the seat of unconditional love and compassion in the body.


    Our Philosophy

    The Mind and Body are inseparably and intrinsically connected.

    Our thoughts shape our perception of reality. Our perception of reality affects the way we function and the decisions that we make in our daily lives.

    Our perceptions inform the body as to whether something or some event is a threat or not. If the Mind perceives a threat, it will fire up its protective mechanism which primes the body to fight, flee or play dead (freeze).

    Protracted physiological reactions may lead to short or long -term effects on wellbeing. Such physiological reactions may result from mental and emotional states as well.

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    Happy clients

    Teacher Grace has been an amazing teacher, not only is she able to identify the weakness of my girls-Enya and Ella, she’s able to focus on working their singing techniques. She’s always giving valuable advice on song choice and she nails it all the time.

    She wants to share all her achievements with you. Thank you for all your efforts and guidance.
    She’s very lucky to have you.

    Grace combined her Jin Shin Jyutsu knowledge with her voice teaching to help Kayden with his posture and sinus issues. Kayden also speaks better now and consistently scores well in his oral English exams. Thankyou Grace.

    It has been a meaningful and challenging year for me as I began to overcome the nervousness
    of singing in the church, community centre or in public. Thank you so much for your
    teaching and encouragement.

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    Our Founder

    Grace Ng Ee Wern

    Hypnotherapist. Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy Practitioner. Voice Teacher
    Thank you for taking the to visit our site.

    Vocalogy grew out of my study, work and research in to the mind-body connection and its effect on the voice.

    Scientific evidence of the mind-body connection (also known as ‘psychoneuroimmunology’) is growing exponentially with holistic wellness being branded as the next great revolution in medical science.

    Vocalogy is excited to be part of these brand new developments.

    Join us!