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    • Name:  Ella
    • Gender: Female
    • Languages Performed:   English, Japanese

    Ella Loo Yunfei is nine years old and is currently studying in Singapore. She has been learning the piano since the age of five and is actively participating in piano recitals and performances. She enjoys performing on stage and is one of the members in VOS (Voices of Singapore). She has performed in 2018 November with other lucky children in the CHILDAID Event and was fortunate enough to have this amazing opportunity to work with Singapore’s well known composer and celebrity, Dick Lee. Ella has participated in many meaningful events such as – ASEAN Senior Defence Officer Meeting at Grand Copthorne. She was recently chosen by the Celebrity Judges like Mr Allan Wu to be one of the top 8 finalists in the Habour front Talent Competition. As an avid performer, she has performed in SOTA (School of The Arts) for the “Treble Voices Festival”. After taking vocal lessons for a year now, Ella has found great joy in the musical theatre genre because it allows her to fully express her emotions.  She is the winner for Emuse Competition 2019 and obtained the Honorary Diploma for the Musical Theatre Genre. She hopes to be a successful recording artist in the future. She performed in the grand Carneige Hall, New York last December 2018 as a 2nd Place winner for the Musical Theatre Genre in the American Protégé International Competition. Performing on stage has been one of Ella’s greatest passions and she hopes to spread happiness to people all over the world with her voice.

    Her awards : Distinction in LCM Grade 4 in 2019, Second Place winner for American Protégé International Competition for the Musical Theatre Genre, Honorary Diploma for Emuse competition held in Greece 2019. Top in Grade, obtained high distinction for her latest exam in May 2019 for Public Speaking examination from Trinity College of London. Ella with her dancing mates came in first for the under 8 troupe dance in Get the beat 2019 DANCE Competition. Ella was chosen to perform in Marina Bay Sands for the Concert – Tribute to ABBA on 5th July 2019 where she gets to sing and dance 2 songs with other 9 friends. This is no doubt this is the most authentic ABBA show to date and they performed worldwide, featuring original Band members including ULF Andersson &Janne Schaffer (among others).

    Works : Chosen to be the main lead in one of the advertisement that will be aired in August. Will be filming Mediacorp latest web series in Okto starting from August 2019.

    Hobbies : Singing, Acting, Swimming, Gaming and Reading.

    2018 At the age of 8 and after 4 months of vocal lessons with Teacher Grace she took part in American Won 2nd Place for Musical Theatre Genre
      Protégé International Vocal Competition and invited to perform in Carneige Hall,
        New York.
    2018 Performed in ASEAN MINISTERS Summit meeting in Grand Copthorne Performed with Singapore Children Show
    2018 Treble Voices Performed with Singapore Children Show
        Show Choir
    2018 Be-dazzled 2018 Performed sing and dance with SCSC
    2018 Child aid 2018 (Project by Dick Lee) Performed in Child aid with
        Singapore Show Choir.
    2018 Government adverstisements Filmed in several government ads
        (minor roles)
    2019 Hong Kong Asia Arts Festival Won 1st place with a very high score of
        96 points by the judges on her vocal piece
        (Musical Theatre)
    2019 Filmed in an advertisement with a Bank OCBC
    2019 Chosen out of many talents as the lead actress in Singapore Power advertisement Available in August/September
    2019 Obtained LCM grade 4 Musical Theatre Distinction
    2019 Obtained a supporting role in a mediacorp series NA
    2019 Emuse International Vocal Singing Competition Honorary award
    2019 Singapore Performing Arts Festival 2019 Won “Gold award” for Public speaking
        Won “Gold award” for Impromptu speaking
    2019 Get the Beat 2019 Won first place with her dance troupe
    2019 Trinity Colleage of London (grade 1 examination) Highest in grade and highest in
      (Public speaking) the whole cohort in her school with a score
        of 96 out of 100.