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    • Name:  Enya
    • Gender: Female
    • Languages Performed:   English
    Enya Loo Yingshan is sixteen years old and is from Singapore. She has a deep passion for both singing and dancing and has participated in her school’s 100th year anniversary musical and was hence immediately drawn to both the classical and musical theatre genre. After just taking vocal lessons for a month, she was chosen as one of the Top 12 finalists in the Asian Dreamerz Competition, April 2018. She has also starred in an international brand campaign and recently shot the advertisement for it. Please find the Youtube link for Panadol Extend : https://youtu.be/ExSsHcJMWZw Enya has not only been playing the piano for seven years, but she has also been dancing for over 10 years and is able to express herself in different genres such as ballet and hip hop. Just recently in June 2018, she was also announced as the 2nd Place Winner of the American Protégé Vocal Competition for 2 categories (Classical and Musical Theatre),  and she hasbeen invited to perform at the Winner’s Recital at Carnegie Hall  in New York last December. Enya has already performed in the ChildAid Concert last year that is being held at Resorts World Sentosa, working alongside Singapore’s veteran singer, Dick Lee.  Enya not only has the gifts for performing, but she is also great at leading and inspiring others. She is the school’s dance president and has led the school team in various competitions. She is able to motivate people positively  through her love of both singing and dancing and aspires to become an international star in this field.  Overall, Enya is an all rounder and is in the field known as the triple threats as she can Sing, Dance and Act. Works : Panadol Extend advertisement via youtube channel : https://youtu.be/ExSsHcJMWZw Modelled for The Wedding Boss (for promoting the diamond jewellery and the new range of gowns). Awards : Achieved Distinction in LCM Grade 6 for the Musical Theatre Genre, Awarded Honorary Diploma for the Emuse competition held in Greece in 2019. 2nd place winners for both Classical and Musical Theatre Genre in American Protégé International Competition. In 2019 January, Enya was in AAF Hongkong and won first place for Dance (Hip Hop), second place for dance (Ballet) and Third place for Dance (Jazz). In Hong Kong, she won the second place for Vocal competition (Musical Theatre). She will be participating in AAF Singapore this July for the categories of all dances and including Vocal competition.
    2017 Been shortlisted out of 50,000 auditionees from 25 countries  by Michael Palance to attend Premiere
    Program in Orlando, Disney.
    2017 Obtained several callbacks from Castings, Talent Management companies overseas and locally
    2018 Asian Dreamerz Top 12 Finalist
    2018 Chosen out of 300 talents to star in Panadol Extend Advertisement aired on youtube in Singapore Obtained 2.6 million viewers
    and Malaysia
    2018 Took part in American Protégé International Vocal Competition Won 2nd Place for both
    Classical and Musical Theatre
    Genre and invited to perform
    in Carneige Hall, New York.
    2018 Child aid 2018 Performed in Child aid with
    Singapore Show Choir.
    2018 Modelled for The Wedding Boss Modeling gowns
    2018 Modelled for Rio Diamonds Wore the diamond pieces and
    modelled them.
    2019 Voices of Singapore Stars Winner and invited to sing in the Chjimes
    2019 Hong Kong Asia Arts Festival Won 2nd place for musical
    theatre (vocal), won First
    place for dance (Hip Hop),
    Won 2nd ballet for dance (ballet)
    and 3rd place for dance (jazz)
    2019 Obtained LCM grade 6 Musical Theatre Distinction
    2019 Emuse International Vocal Singing Competition Honorary award
    2019 Singapore 7th Asia Arts Festival 2019 Won Silver for Vocal (Musical Theatre),
    Won Silver for dance (Hip Hop, Jazz,
    Contemporary) and won Gold for dance in