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  • Grace Ng Ee Wern

    Grace Ng Ee Wern

    • Teacher Name:   Grace Ng Ee Wern
    • Gender:   Female
    • Qualifications:   LLCM (TD) Speech & Drama, ALCM Public Speaking, ALCM(TD) Singing; LTCL, LLCM Pianoforte Performance; professional certificate, Somatic Voicework (TM)
    • Languages:English
    • Level(s) Taught:Medium and Advanced
    • Studio Location:Central (Bukit Timah)
    • Rates:$150 Per Hour

    First prize winners, “First Notes”, IV Tokyo International Music Competition 2019

    At Carnegie Hall, American Protege 2018

    My 8 year old DipLCM in Music Theatre

    With my 61 year old LLCM in Pop Music Vocals Student

    Impeccable teaching. Impeccable coaching.


    An impeccable experience.

    Grace Ng Ee Wern is one of the top Voice Teachers in Singapore. Her methodology actively incorporates mind-body connection so that the voice can be understood in the context of the whole person.

    She researches and draws on diverse fields such as osteopathy, fitness training, neurology and neuroscience, holistic healing, and psychology in her teaching.

    She is a Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy practitioner, a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnotists and a former lawyer.