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    We are committed to spreading positivity through Holistic health and Wellness and Music  Teaching.
    Our world dances with the music of life.
    Our emotions determine our Harmony within ourselves and with others.
    Mental well-being  is the Melody of a person’s life. Are we in tune with ourselves and the world around us?
    The Rhythm of life is reflected in the health of the physical body.  Are you dancing enough?
    Our teaching is happiness-focussed and fulfilment-based.
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    Our Values

    1. Be better.
    Everything is evolving. So are you. Be better. 
    2. You are perfect. 
    You are that cute little baby everyone adored. Only bigger. 
    3. I am my only limitation

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    Our Founder

    Grace Ng Ee Wern

    Holistic Wellness Entrepreneur. Voice Teacher

    ‘Vocalogy is a response to old models of thought that view the body and mind as separate. My work and research centres around the mind-body connection. It began with my qualification as Somatic Voicework teacher. 

    Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy practitioner training deepened my understanding.

    Scientific evidence of the body-mind connection is growing exponentially. This field is recognised by the medical community as psychoneuroimmunology.

    We recognise the mind and body to be unified and inseparable.

    Join us!’ 


    It has been a meaningful and challenging year for me as I began to overcome the nervousness of singing in the church, community centre or in public. Thank you so much for your teaching and encouragement. Quek Boon Par

    Grace combined her Jin Shin Jyutsu knowledge with her voice teaching to help Kayden with his posture and sinus issues. Kayden also speaks better now and consistently scores well in his oral English exams. Thankyou Grace. Yvonne Lew

    She wants to share all her achievements with you. Thank you for all your efforts and guidance. She’s very lucky to have you. – Watching my child sing sustained notes was a very emotional moment for me. Nancy Chia




    The Pain Post

    Watching a child or your pet in pain, helpless to do anything about it must be the most difficult thing in the world. Jin Shin Jyutsu Special Body Function 3 is an easy-to-do, contraindication-free, drug-free way to help ease the pain. Place your right hand on the...

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