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    The brain controls the functioning of the entire body. It sends its responses to the various systems of the body via hormones and the nervous system.

    The nervous system has two modes: ‘fight-flight-freeze’ and ‘rest, digest and reproduce’. They function to protect and to repair the body respectively.

    In ‘fight-flight-freeze’ mode, the body is primed to either take on the perceived threat, run away from it or play dead so that the threat goes away. In fight-flight-freeze,the body takes big breaths so that it gets as much oxygen as possible to fight or escape a perceived threat.

    ‘Fight-flight-freeze’ mode is meant to be temporary. However, the lack of mental and emotional hygiene education coupled with a busy lifestyle keeps ‘fight-flight-freeze’ activated 24/7.

    In ‘rest, digest and reproduce’ mode, the breathing is deep as the body needs oxygen to regenerate and digest.

    The protect and repair modes lie on a continuum. We aim to shift the body away from the protect mode into more of the repair mode in order to get deep breathing for Voice.

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