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    The Mind and Body are inseparably and intrinsically connected.

    Our thoughts shape our perception of reality. Our perception of reality affects the way we function and the decisions that we make in our daily lives.

    Our perceptions inform the body as to whether something or some event is a threat or not. If the Mind perceives a threat, it will fire up its protective mechanism which primes the body to fight, flee or play dead (freeze).

    Protracted physiological reactions may lead to short or long -term effects on wellbeing. Such physiological reactions may result from mental and emotional states as well.

    Physiological reactions in turn provide input for the brain. Soggy tissues, shallow breathing, lack of movement etc. may provide the brain with less than accurate input as to what is happening in the world around it. This may cause a bad prediction which in causes more physiological maladjustments which in turn lead to more bad prediction in a vicious cycle.