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  • 1) Payment

    You can pay per session or 4 sessions in advance to your convenience.

    1.1 Payment per Session:

    1.11 Payment per session should be made on the day of the session and no later than one day from the date of the session.

    1.12 Payment may be made before the date of the session. The student shall inform us of the said payment after payment has been made.

    1.2 Payment in Advance:

    1.21 Payment in advance should be made before the start of the set of 4 sessions.

    1.22 Fees may be increased for individual sessions based on work done. The said fee increase shall be communicated by us to the student before the class.

    1.3 Manner of Payment:

    You may pay by cash, by bank transfer or by mobile transfer.

    2) Cancellations

    2.1 – Sessions may only be canceled by either Vocalogy or the student giving 7 days’ prior notice except in the case of emergency. ‘Emergency’ includes illness and sudden work or family emergencies for the purposes of this clause. Delays due to traffic or schedule planning, for instance, do not.

    2.2 – Failure to give timely notice of cancellation

    2.2.1 – In the case of Payment per session, failure to give timely notice will result in being barred from scheduling a class for the week after the canceled class.

    2.2.2 – In the case of Payment in advance, failure to give timely notice will result in the forfeiture of the fees paid for that session.

    3) Rescheduling

    3.1 – We require 3 days’ prior notice for rescheduling. Notice may be given through email or by text messaging.

    3.2 – Clients are allowed up to 2 rescheduled classes a month.

    4) Late Payments

    4.1 – An administrative fee of SGD20 will be imposed for checking of records at our end.

    5) Termination

    5.1 – Termination of classes may be affected by either party giving the other 3 days’ notice.

    6) Public Holidays

    6.1 – We do not teach on public holidays