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  • Stage Performance Anxiety (Enhanced Suggestions)


    Did you know that performing on stage rates as the number one fear in the world, higher even that dying in a plane crash? Focusing on the task eliminates the anxiety that comes from thinking about it.

    This enhanced version builds on the free version to include suggestions for:

    – Dealing with criticism and self-criticism

    – Connecting with the audience

    – More cues for focus and relaxation for peak performance

    – Performing as a metaphor for personal growth and discovery

     About Hypnosis

    Hypnosis is a naturally occurring phenomenon. It occurs when the mind is focusing on one thing exclusively such as when reading, watching a movie or driving for long distances. In such a state, the mind is highly relaxed. Positive suggestions can be given to affect the mind’s unconscious operation. The resulting behaviour change is automatic and effortless.


    * Includes free script



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