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  • Study Anxiety Phone Metaphor Hypnosis Audio and Script


    Did you know that average teenager sends 3,339 text messages a month? YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are amongst the most popular Apps with teens in 2018. 95% of all teens have access to a smartphone.*

    This hypnosis script and audio uses the mobile phone as a metaphor for:

    – Memory improvement

    – Focus in class

    – Exam preparation and test taking

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    About Hypnosis

    Hypnosis is a naturally occurring phenomenon. It occurs when the mind is focusing on one thing exclusively such as when reading, watching a movie or driving for long distances. In such a state, the mind is highly relaxed. Positive suggestions can be given to affect the mind’s unconscious operation. The resulting behaviour change is automatic and effortless.


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    -Includes free script


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