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  • Introduction:

    5% of all mental activity is conscious while 95 % is unconscious. The unconscious contains all behavioral conditioning from the past, for better or worse, which would be too much for the conscious mind to handle.
    Hypnosis allows access to the unconscious mind for it to be reprogrammed in a positive way. This free recording is my own modern adaptation of the suggestions of Emile Coue (1857-1926) from his book ‘Self-Mastery through Conscious Autosuggestion’ (1922).
    Included are suggestions for regular bowel movements, good digestion, wellness of the body and organs, and self-confidence.
    Please do not listen to this recording while driving or operating heavy machinery.



    “Sit down and close your eyes: allow them to close. They are so comfortably closed that they do not wish to open at all.

    “I will not try to put you to sleep; it is not necessary:

    “I request you to close your eyes simply for the purpose that your attention may not be distracted by things you see around you:

    “I want you to know that you may be aware of any sounds within this room and outside this room. In your own way, I want you to ignore them. In a strangely contradictory way, they make you more and more relaxed, deeper and deeper relaxed.

    “And now I am going to count from 10 to 1. With each descending number, you are going to feel one-tenth, ten percent more relaxed. And each descending number will help you to go one-tenth deeper into a wonderful state of relaxation, that in any case will become deeper and deeper as we go on.

    “If while I am counting, you experience a slight though very pleasant sensation that you are floating, floating down, that will be fine. It only means that you are drifting into an ever-deepening state of physical and mental relaxation that in any case will become deeper and deeper as we go on.

    “So ready? Ten, nine, deeper and deeper relaxed; eight, seven, floating, floating down; six, five, four, drifting down, ever deeper relaxed; three, two, deeper and deeper still; one, all the way deep down relaxed.

    “Now impress upon your mind that every word I say is going to fix itself in your brain and be firmly imprinted, engraved, embedded there:

    “My words will always stay there fixed, imprinted, embedded and without your will or knowledge, in fact wholly unconsciously on your part, you yourself and your entire body are going to obey:

    “I tell you, first of all, that every day, three times a day, at morning, noon and evening, at the usual meal hours, you will be hungry, that is to say: you will feel the pleasing sensation that makes you think: ‘oh I am ready to eat with great satisfaction’:

    “You will indeed eat with great pleasure and enjoy your food, of course without overeating; you will be careful to chew your food thoroughly so as to transform it into a sort of soft paste which you will then swallow:

    “Your food will be properly digested and you will not feel the slightest discomfort, inconvenience, or pain- neither in the stomach nor in the intestines. Your body will assimilate your food well and your body will profit by it in making blood, muscle, strength, energy-in a word: LIFE.

    “Having digested properly, the function of excretion will be perfectly normal:

    “Every morning, on rising, you will feel a desire to move your bowels, without ever requiring medicine or artificial means of any kind, you will obtain entirely normal and satisfactory bowel movements.

    “Furthermore, every night, from the moment you wish to sleep to the time at which you desire to awake in the morning, you will sleep a profound, wholesome, unbroken sleep, during which you will have no nightmares; upon waking, you will feel well, cheerful and ready for active work.

    “If at times you have been sad and depressed; if you have been brooding and worrying this will cease from now on, and instead of being sad, depressed and worried, you will feel cheerful, very cheerful, even happy; you may have no cause for your happiness just as you may have had no reason for your depression. Moreover I say that even if you had had any reason for being sad or depressed, you are NOT going to be so.

    “If it so happens sometimes you have fits of impatience and ill temper, you will never have them again. On the contrary you will always be patient; always master of yourself; and the things which worried, irritated and annoyed you will henceforth leave you absolutely indifferent and perfectly calm.

    “If you at times think of bad things, have unwarranted fears and phobias, or hold grudges against others, as far as they are not useful to you, all gradually disappear from your mind; they will fade away and be lost as in a passing cloud and will finally disappear completely; as a dream vanishes on awakening, so will all your useless imaginations vanish.

    “I say that all your organs are performing their functions properly:

    “The brain is working well;

    “The heart beats normally, the circulation of the blood is as it should be:

    “The lungs are in fine condition:

    “The stomach, the intestines, the liver, the bladder, the kidneys, are all functioning properly:

    “If at this moment one of them should not be acting normally, this abnormality will be less day by day and very soon it will have vanished completely and the organ will be in perfect working order.

    “Further if there should be any lesions, growths or any physical abnormality in any one of these organs, they will improve day by day, and soon be entirely healed.

    “I must also add, and it is of extreme importance, is up to the present, you have lacked confidence in yourself, I tell you that distrust in yourself will gradually disappear and give place to self confidence, based on your knowledge of that force of incalculable power which is in you.

    “This self-confidence is absolutely necessary for you and every other human being to have. Without it, you will never get anywhere; with it, you may accomplish what ever you want to (within the laws of nature, of course).

    “You are now going to have confidence in yourself and this confidence enables you to believe that you can reach each goal you set for yourself (if it is a natural one):

    “And that you will do well all that, in the course of duty, you have to do.

    “So then when you wish to do something that is natural, or you have a duty to perform, always think that it is an easy thing to do. The words: ‘it is difficult, impossible, I cannot, it is beyond me, I cannot help myself… must disappear entirely from your vocabulary.  Think: ‘IT IS EASY… I CAN’. Believing a matter to be easy, it becomes sofor you although it may seem difficult to others. You will do it quickly and well, without fatigue, because you do it without effort .

    “In short, I mean that from every point of view, physical and mental, you are going to enjoy excellent health, better health than you have been able to enjoy up till now.

    “Every day, in every way, you are getting better and better.’

    “And now I am going to awaken you. I am going to count from one to ten. At the count of eight, you will open your eyes and at the count of ten, you will be fully wide awake.

    “Every part of you will be back with me in the present and all normal sensations will return to your limbs.

    “ You will wake up feeling fine, with a feeling of well-being all over, a feeling of well-being. You will feel refreshed and more optimistic than you have felt in a long, long time.

    “So ready? One, two, three, waking up; four, five, six, waking up; seven, eight, open your eyes; nine, ten, wide awake, wide awake, wide awake.”

    “Welcome back. Give yourself a good stretch.”

    Here is the complete audio of this script: