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  • Cadence Sng Wei Mei

    Cadence Sng Wei Mei

    • Name:   Cadence Sng Wei Mei
    • Gender: Female
    • Languages Performed:   English, Japanese


    Cadence Sng Wei Mei is 9 years of age. She loves singing musical, popular, classical and operatic songs. She started formal vocal training in January 2018.  She obtained Distinction in her Grade 6 London College of Music Music Theatre Examination in April 2018. Cadence took her grade 8 London College of Music Theatre Examination and obtained a ‘Merit’ in November 2018.  She received ‘Approved’ for her Diploma in Performance Music Theatre (DipLCM) in April 2019.

    Cadence is a first prize winner of Category A (Voice (Musical Theatre)) The Muse 2019 (Greece) and of the Young Talents category of Vienna New Year’s Concert International Music Competition.

    She also models and acts. She was one of the finalists for ‘Little Miss Tampines 2018’ and she won the title ‘Miss Eloquence’.

    Cadence plays the piano and ukulele. She has many dreams and one of them is to be perform in a Broadway musical.