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    Our Teachers are highly qualified performers and teachers who are passionate about giving students a holistic education.

     Grace Ng Ee Wern

    Grace Ng Ee Wern - Singing Teacher Singapore


    Grace Ng Ee Wern is a highly sought-after voice teacher in Singapore. Her methodology actively incorporates a mind-body connection in the so that the voice is understood in the context of the holistic wellness of the person. She is a clinical hypnotherapist, Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy practitioner and Somatic Voicework Voice Teacher.

    She teaches Intermediate to Advanced classes in Musical Theatre Singing and Performance; Classical Singing and Performance; Pop Music Vocals Singing and Performance; and Beginner to Advanced classes in Speech and Drama Performance and Integrated Singing and Speech Training.

    Working with prodigies and ‘Cinderella’ voice makeovers are her areas of interest

    Her studio is located in Central Singapore.

    Dante Chua Jiah Da

    Voice, Piano

     Dante Chua teaches beginner to Advanced classes in Pop Music Vocals Singing and Performance, specializing in Mandopop Singing and Performance, Sing-and-Play and Beginner Musical Theatre Singing and Performance. He teaches in both English and Mandarin.

    He holds a ALCM in Pop Music Vocals, , ABRSM grade 7 in Classical Pianoforte performance and a Higher Advance certification in Sing-and-Play from Music Clinic. He studied song composition with Li Fei Hui. He recently qualified as a Level 3 Somatic Voicework teacher as well, joining an alumni of teachers from around the world.

    He is an itinerant teacher, travelling to locations in the West, East and South of Singapore.

    ’Mr Chua is a very patient and passionate vocal teacher who has strong pedagogical knowledge on what he is teaching. He taps on my daughter’s interest to try to engage her during the lessons. He also explains why he does certain things to me so that I can understand and support my daughter better. Thank you so much, Mr Chua!’ -parent, L.Y.

    Quek Boon Par

     Senior Associate


    Quek Boon Par teaches beginner to Advanced classes in Pop Music Vocals Singing and Performance in English.

    He obtained his Licentiate Diploma (LLCM) in Pop Music Vocals Performance from the London College of Music, University of West London at the age of 61 years. He is currently preparing for his Fellowship (FLCM) diploma, the highest diploma level, in the subject.

    He is an itinerant teacher, traveling to locations in the East of Singapore.

    Poh Wei Si

    Voice, Piano, Musicianship

    Wei Si has a deep understanding and a great passion for Christian worship ministry. She believes that music brings comfort and joy to all.

    Trained as a pianist, Wei Si is now proficient in both Piano and Voice. She holds a grade 8 Theory ABRSM qualification in Music Theory, an LLCM (TD) in Piano Teaching; grade 5 in ABRSM Classical Singing and DipLCM in Pop Music Vocals.

    She teaches Pop Music Vocals Singing and Performance, specializing in Christian Music Singing and Performance. She teaches in both English and Mandarin from Beginner to Intermediate level.

    She is an itinerant teacher, traveling to students’ locations in the North-West of Singapore.

    Ng Kok Cheow


    Piano Performance and Teaching – Theory Specialist – Piano Accompaniment

    Mr. Ng Kok Cheow has been teaching piano and theory for the last 40 years. Many of his diploma students are now teachers themselves after Mr. Ng’s successful guidance. He is a piano accompanist for singers, instrumentalists, and choirs.

    His studio is located in Central Singapore.