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    The Liver Organ Function flow is know as the ‘army general’ in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It leads the health of the body. A change in weather disharmonises Liver Function Flow which in turn leads to colds, flu etc.

    Lifestyle factors that weaken the Liver Organ Function Flow

    1. Overuse of eyes

    The Liver Organ Function Flow governs the eyes and the flow of tears from the eyes. Long periods of looking at computer, mobile and tablet screens strain the eyes and disharmonises the flow.

    2. Insufficient sleep

    The Liver Organ Function flow regenerates during the night. Sleeping late at night disharmonises the Liver Organ Function flow. Insufficient sleep may result in deep indigestion in the long run.

    3. Too much planning

    DIsharmonised Liver Organ Function Flow can give rise to migraine headaches.

    4. Anger

    The Liver Organ Function Flow is disharmonised by the Attitude of Anger.

    Other symptoms of Liver Function Flow disharmony

    1. Abdominal discomfort and bloating

    Disharmonised Liver Organ Function Flow may show up as abdominal discomfort in male Humans and Animals and as lower abdomen swelling and bloating in female Humans and Animals.

    2. Nausea

    3. Chronic Fatigue

    Sharing from personal experience, this manner of chronic fatigue persists in spite of getting lots of rest. My fatigue was unsurprisingly, triggered by  cold weather and occurred after a very busy period of planning for my student recital.

    4. Dry and Wrinkled Skin

    A disharmonised Liver Organ Function Flow cannot properly detoxify the body. Therefore detoxification occurs through the skin.

    5. Belly fat rolls

    Often referred to as ‘love handles’ or ‘muffin tops’, these hard-to-remove accumulations are in fact a consequence of Liver Organ Function Flow disharmony.

    6. Arthritis, Joint stiffness

    The Liver Organ Function flow governs the muscles and sinews. Harmonizing the Liver Organ Function Flow helps Arthritis,rheumatism, joint stiffness and other muscle-related movement projects for both Humans and Animals.

    What you can do about it

    1. Jin Shin Jyutsu Liver Organ Function Flow quickie

    (Left quickie described) Place your left hand on the base of the skull on the left-hand side (safety energy lock 4). Place your right hand on below the right collarbone (safety energy lock 22). Keep hands in that position until pulsation is felt. Remove hands when pulsation dissipates. If pulsation is not felt, lighten your touch.

    2. Green color

    The colours that we perceive are light energy that bounce off the subject observed and into our eyes. The Liver Organ Function Flow is harmonised by the colour Green. Hence, one can wear green clothes and jewellery, look at green plants and basically look at anything green to help harmonise the flow.

    3. Hold your middle finger

    The Liver Organ Function Flow is represented in the middle fingers of both hands as is the Gallbladder Organ Function Flow. Hold the left and right middle finger for 20 minutes each to harmonise both the Liver Organ Function Flow and the Gallbladder Organ Function Flow. Bonus: a harmonised Gallbladder Organ Function Flow helps to melt away fat accumulation at the hips.

    4. Sleep between 10pm and 12pm

    The Umbilicus Organ Function Flow takes the lead during this period. The Umbilicus Organ Function Flow helps all Organ Function Flows that are associated with the physical health of the body. Sleep during this time to feel more refreshed, vital and happy when you awake.

    5. Minimise consumption of cold drinks

    The Liver Organ Function Flow is sensitive to cold. Minimise being cold (keep warm), and drinking cold water to maintain its harmony.

    6. Mindfulness

    Before you launch into an angry tirade or an angry cascade of thoughts, take a moment to pause and consider that Anger is the other side of Love. If you didn’t love something or someone, you wouldn’t feel angry about the situation. Choose to love rather than to be angry.


    Grace Ng Ee Wern is a Holistic Wellness Therapist (Jin Shin Jyutsu; Stress and Relaxation Management (Hypnosis)) and Voice Teacher. Her voice  teaching method incorporates holistic wellness practices with Somatic Voicework for a holistic concept of Balance within and without.